EDIdEv - Electronic Data Interchange Development

Framework EDI Evaluation

Note:  The Evaluation mode of the Framework EDI is similar to the registered version but for the following restrictions:

  • Has a file size limitation of 5 KB.
  • Will parse only "test" EDI files indicated by a "T" (X12) or "1" (UN/EDIFACT) in the control segment.
  • Has an expiration date and will stop functioning in about 30 days.

Don't hesitate to email us for support during your evaluation.  

Click on the links below to download the Framework EDI Evaluation (.NET Framework Target Version 4.5)

Below are Framework EDI 32-bit installations for x86 computers. 
Framework EDI Enterprise evaluation 32-bit  (approx. 82MB)
Framework EDI Professional evaluation 32-bit  (approx. 61MB)

Below are Framework EDI 64 bit installations for x64 computers.
Framework EDI Enterprise evaluation 64-bit  (approx. 88MB)
Framework EDI Professional evaluation 64-bit  (approx. 63MB)

For installation instructions click here.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012 and later.

Click here for instructions on how to reference the Framework EDI and compile a program in Visual Studio .NET

For setting up Framework EDI in other programming languages/applications, click on the links below:

Read A guideline for evaluating EDI products