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Framework EDI - an EDI solution for programmers

The EDIdEv Framework EDI (FREDI) solution is comprised of an EDI tool kit and a customizable EDI application.  The EDI tool kit includes an ActiveX/COM and .NET components, which provide to programmers an EDI parser and constructor to enable them to quickly and easily create tailored and robust EDI solutions.  Below are just a few simple EDI application examples that one can create with the FREDI component:

  • EDI Generator - creates outbound EDI (electronic data interchange) documents.
  • EDI Translator - parses and translates inbound EDI messages.
  • EDI Analyzer - validates an EDI file and automatically generates Acknowledgments (997 and 999) or Syntax Messages (CONTRL).
  • AS2 Server/Client - for receiving/sending EDI files securely over the Internet.

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EDI Parser and Constructor

The Framework EDI tool kit also includes the following utilities:

EDI Software Utilities

The FrediApp Solution source code

To give developers a starting base and get them quickly started in creating their own comprehensive EDI solution, we provide a C# source code of a framework of an EDI application that integrates all EDI processes from generating, translating, validating and acknowledging EDI files to sending and receiving them by AS2.  For details, please visit FrediApp Solution

EDI Programming Consulting

If you require programming help, we provide programming services at all levels from writing a small VBA macro in Excel to comprehensive solutions in C# or C++.  We will work with you.

Reasons to use Framework EDI:

  • FREDI-COM and FREDI-NET components are powerful EDI parsers that support both EDI X12 and UN/EDIFACT standards.
  • The Framework EDI package includes user friendly EDI utilities that enables you to easily read EDI files, and create EDI Implementation guidelines.
  • It is an innovative technology that allows you to even tackle EDI file conversions such as converting EDI to XML or EDI to text.
  • The component has functions that can send EDI messages quickly and securely over the Internet via TCP/IP protocols and EDIINT AS2.
  • It validates EDI documents so that files you create or read adhere to the EDI X12 or UN/EDIFACT standards.
  • It automatically generates EDI Functional Acknowledgments (997), Implementation Acknowledgments (999), and EDI Syntax Messages (CONTRL).
  • You can create an EDI application in a very short time, at a fraction of a cost, which you have complete control over...with assurance that you're maintaining the EDI standard.
  • Join over a thousand users (including Fortune 500 companies and US Government institutions) already using EDIdEv products in their EDI solution.
  • ...and the number 1 reason to use Framework EDI is...It makes working with EDI fun!

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"Great Product!" - G. Towne from Fisher, Towne & Associates

"The only answer for EDI developers.  For any developer worth their weight in SDRAM modules, this the way to go! It allowed us to implement our EDI system and keep the project well within budget. Their documentation is very comprehensive and their support staff is very polite and knowledgeable. Have fun!" - P. Cohan from Poly-Tex


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