EDIdEv - Electronic Data Interchange Development

Framework EDI Runtime Files

To make it more convenient to deploy the FREDI-COM and FREDI-NET components together with your programs that use them, we have provided Runtime Licenses, which are installers (that can be executed manually or by command line) to install only the distributable files of Framework EDI.

The Runtime License can be installed together with your program in one setup as demonstrated by the samples below:

  • Visual Studio .NET Setup and Deployment that installs Framework EDI Runtime License and a sample EDI program.  Click here to download.
  • A sample VB6 sample program that calls the Framework EDI Runtime.  Click here to download

Or, you can simply install it separately (from your program's installation) using the runtime's GUI interface.

Framework EDI Server Runtime License

Programs that are deployed on server machines would require the Framework EDI Server Runtime License.

Please email support to obtain an evaluation copy.

Read more about the Server Runtime Distributable Installer

Please note that the Runtime License is only available to registered owners of Framework EDI Professional or Enterprise License.  Please refer to our Licensing web page for details on any fees connected to distributing runtime files.