Private Sub cmdTranslate_Click()

        'This is an example program to show how to acknowledge and EDI file by
        'creating a Functional Acknowledgment 997 in Visual Basic using Framework EDI component
        Dim oEdiDoc As Fredi.ediDocument
        Dim oAck As Fredi.ediAcknowledgment
        Dim oSegment As Fredi.ediDataSegment
        Dim oIsa As Fredi.ediDataSegment
        Dim oSchemas As Fredi.ediSchemas
        Dim sSefFile As String
        Dim sEdiFile As String
        Dim sAckfile As String
        Dim sPath As String
        cmdTranslate.Enabled = False
        Me.MousePointer = vbHourglass
        sPath = App.Path & "\"
        sEdiFile = txtEDIfile.Text
        sSefFile = txtSEFfile.Text
        sAckfile = "997_" & Trim(sEdiFile)
        Set oEdiDoc = New Fredi.ediDocument
        'To support large EDI files without consuming much memory
        oEdiDoc.CursorType = Cursor_ForwardOnly
        'By default, FREDI uses the  universal coordinated time (UTC), however you can change it to local time
        oEdiDoc.Option(OptDocument_UseLocalTime) = 1
        'Stops FREDI from using the internal standard reference
        Set oSchemas = oEdiDoc.GetSchemas
        oSchemas.EnableStandardReference = False
        'Load the SEf file for EDI file
        If Len(Trim(sPath & sSefFile)) > 0 Then
            oEdiDoc.LoadSchema sPath & sSefFile, 0
        End If
        'Load SEF file for 997 EDI file
        oEdiDoc.LoadSchema sPath & "997_4010.SEF", 0
        Set oAck = oEdiDoc.GetAcknowledgment
        'Do not show segments AK2, AK3, AK5 if transaction set is accepted (AK501 = "A")
        oAck.Option(OptAcknowledgment_ShowReportingLevel) = 0
        'Set starting point of EDI Ack control numbers
        oAck.Property(PropertyAck_StartInterchangeControlNum) = 1010
        oAck.Property(PropertyAck_StartGroupControlNum) = 10
        oAck.Property(PropertyAck_StartTransactionSetControlNum) = 1
        'Property to include the TA1 segment in the acknowledgment
        oAck.EnableInterchangeAcknowledgment = True
        'Property that determines whether a 997 acknowledgment is created or not while loading the EDI file.
        oAck.EnableFunctionalAcknowledgment = True
        'Property to specify that the transaction set is accepted even with errors
    '    oAck.AcceptSetWithErrors = True

        'Property to specify that the group set is accepted even with errors
    '    oAck.AcceptGroupWithErrors = True

        'Errors that are not automatically included by FREDI in the 997 file can be added
        ' by mapping FREDI's error code number to the 997 error code.
        'In this example, errors caused by leading zeros in numeric data type are mapped to
        '997 error code 5 (Element too long)
        oAck.MapDataElementLevelError 13209, 5

        oEdiDoc.LoadEdi sPath & sEdiFile
        'When the cursor type is set to ForwardOnly, make sure to iterate through all segments to allow FREDI to validate them.
        Set oSegment = oEdiDoc.FirstDataSegment
        Do While Not oSegment Is Nothing
            Set oSegment = oSegment.Next
        'Anything in the oAck object that was automtically generated can be changed before saving to file.
        'Changing the date and time in the ISA segment of the oAck
    '    'Changing the TA1 segment
    '    Set oSegment = oAck.GetFirstTA1DataSegment
    '    Set oSegment = oSegment.GetDataSegmentByPos("\ISA\TA1")
    '    oSegment.DataElementValue(4) = "R"

    '    'Another method of changing the date and time in the GS segment of the oAck
    '    Set oSegment = oAck.GetFirst997DataSegment
    '    Set oSegment = oSegment.GetDataSegmentByPos("\ISA\GS\GS")
    '    oSegment.DataElementValue(4) = "20010101"  ' Change date
    '    oSegment.DataElementValue(5) = "110130"     ' Change time
        'Get last transaction set control number used in auto-generated acknowledgment
    '    Dim sLastTsControlNo As String
    '    sLastTsControlNo = oAck.Property(PropertyAck_EndingTransactionSetControlNum)
        'Writes the Acknowledgment to file
        oAck.Save sPath & sAckfile
        Me.MousePointer = vbNormal
        MsgBox "Done.  997 Ack file = " & sAckfile
        Set oEdiDoc = Nothing
        Set oAck = Nothing
    End Sub

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