Private Sub cmdTranslate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdTranslate.Click
        'This is just an example program to show how to translate a HIPAA 834 4010X095 EDI X12 file into a database in VB.NET
        'with Framework EDI component

        Dim oEdiDoc As ediDocument
        Dim oSchema As ediSchema
        Dim oSchemas As ediSchemas
        Dim oSegment As ediDataSegment
        Dim oElement As ediDataElement
        Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection

        'This sample program uses ADODB (not ADO.NET) to access the database 
        Dim oRsInterchange As ADODB.Recordset
        Dim oRsFuncGroup As ADODB.Recordset
        Dim oRsX095Header As ADODB.Recordset
        Dim oRsX095MemberDetail As ADODB.Recordset
        Dim oRsX095HealthCoverage As ADODB.Recordset

        Dim sSegmentID As String
        Dim sLoopSection As String
        Dim nArea As Integer
        Dim sQlfr As String

        Dim sPath As String
        Dim sEntity As String
        Dim sSefFile As String
        Dim sEdiFile As String
        Dim sSql As String

        Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor

        sPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory
        sSefFile = "834_X095.SEF"
        sEdiFile = "834_X095.X12"

        'instantiate EDI document object
        ediDocument.Set(oEdiDoc, New ediDocument)

        'change cursor type to ForwardOnly to improve performance
        oEdiDoc.CursorType = DocumentCursorTypeConstants.Cursor_ForwardOnly

        'disable internal standard reference library to save RAM and improve performance
        ediSchemas.Set(oSchemas, oEdiDoc.GetSchemas)
        oSchemas.EnableStandardReference = False

        'load sef file
        oEdiDoc.ImportSchema(sPath & sSefFile, 0)

        'load edi file
        oEdiDoc.LoadEdi(sPath & sEdiFile)

        'Connection string to access an MS Acess database
        Dim sConnection As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & sPath & "db1.mdb"
        oConn = New ADODB.Connection

        oRsInterchange = New ADODB.Recordset
        oRsInterchange.Open("Interchange", oConn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic)

        oRsFuncGroup = New ADODB.Recordset
        oRsFuncGroup.Open("FuncGroup", oConn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic)

        oRsX095Header = New ADODB.Recordset
        oRsX095Header.Open("X095Header", oConn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic)

        oRsX095MemberDetail = New ADODB.Recordset
        oRsX095MemberDetail.Open("X095MemberDetail", oConn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic)

        oRsX095HealthCoverage = New ADODB.Recordset
        oRsX095HealthCoverage.Open("X095HealthCoverage", oConn, ADODB.CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic, ADODB.LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic)

        'Load EDI file
        oEdiDoc.LoadEdi(sPath & sEdiFile)

        'Iterate through all segments in the EDI file
        'Get the firs data segment in the EDI file
        ediDataSegment.Set(oSegment, oEdiDoc.FirstDataSegment)
        While Not oSegment Is Nothing

            'identify segments by their area, loop section they are in, and their segment id
            sSegmentID = oSegment.ID
            nArea = oSegment.Area
            sLoopSection = oSegment.LoopSection

            If nArea = "0" Then
                If sSegmentID = "ISA" Then
                    oRsInterchange("SenderQlfr").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(5)      'Interchange ID Qualifier
                    oRsInterchange("SenderID").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(6)      'Interchange Sender ID
                    oRsInterchange("ReceiverQlfr").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(7)      'Interchange ID Qualifier
                    oRsInterchange("ReceiverID").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(8)      'Interchange Receiver ID
                    oRsInterchange("InterDate").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(9)      'Interchange Date
                    oRsInterchange("ControlNo").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(13)      'Interchange Control Number

                ElseIf sSegmentID = "GS" Then
                    oRsFuncGroup("InterchangeKey").Value = oRsInterchange("InterchangeKey").Value
                    oRsFuncGroup("FuncID").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)      'Functional Identifier Code
                    oRsFuncGroup("ControlNo").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(6)      'Group Control Number

                ElseIf sSegmentID = "IEA" Then
                    'update interchange record

                ElseIf sSegmentID = "GE" Then
                    'update functional group record
                End If

            ElseIf nArea = "1" Then
                If sLoopSection = "" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "ST" Then
                        oRsX095Header("GroupKey").Value = oRsFuncGroup("GroupKey").Value
                        oRsX095Header("MessageId").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)      'Transaction Set Identifier Code
                        oRsX095Header("ControlNo").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)      'Transaction Set Control Number

                    ElseIf sSegmentID = "BGN" Then
                        oRsX095Header("PurposeCode").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)   ' Transaction Set Purpose Code (353) 
                        oRsX095Header("TransactionId").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2) ' Reference Identification (127) 
                        oRsX095Header("TransactionDate").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)   ' Date (373)
                        oRsX095Header("TransactionTime").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)   ' Time (337) 
                        oRsX095Header("ActionCode").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(8)        ' Action Code (306) 
                    End If  'sSegmentID

                ElseIf sLoopSection = "N1" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "N1" Then
                        sEntity = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)  'identify loop instance by their entity identifier value
                        sQlfr = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        If sEntity = "P5" And sQlfr = "FI" Then 'Sponser infomation
                            oRsX095Header("SponserName").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)   ' Name (93)
                            oRsX095Header("SponserTaxId").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)  ' Identification Code (67)

                        ElseIf sEntity = "IN" And sQlfr = "FI" Then 'Insurer information
                            oRsX095Header("InsurerName").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                            oRsX095Header("InsurerTaxId").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                        End If
                    End If  'sSegmentID
                End If  'sLoopSection

            ElseIf nArea = "2" Then
                If sLoopSection = "" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "SE" Then
                        'The SE segment is the end of the transaction set so is a good place to make sure all records are updated
                    End If

                ElseIf sLoopSection = "INS" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "INS" Then
                        If Not oRsX095MemberDetail.BOF Then
                            'update any previous record before creating a new record
                        End If
                        oRsX095MemberDetail("TSetKey").Value = oRsX095Header("TSetKey").Value
                        oRsX095MemberDetail("Subscriber").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)
                        oRsX095MemberDetail("Relationship").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                        oRsX095MemberDetail("BenefitStatusCode").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(5)

                    ElseIf sSegmentID = "REF" Then
                        sQlfr = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)    'check qualifier to identify the many instances of the same REF segment
                        If sQlfr = "0F" Then    'subscriber name
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("SubscriberNo").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)

                        ElseIf sQlfr = "1L" Then    'group or policy number
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("GroupPolicyNo").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                        End If

                    ElseIf sSegmentID = "DTP" Then
                        If oSegment.DataElementValue(1) = "356" Then    'Eligibility Begin
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("EligibilityStartDate").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        End If
                    End If

                ElseIf sLoopSection = "INS;NM1" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        sEntity = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)  'Get entity qualifer to determine loop instances
                    End If

                    'LOOP 2100A
                    If sEntity = "74" Or sEntity = "IL" Then    'Insured
                        If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("Firstname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("Lastname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("SSN").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(9)

                        ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("HomePhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("WorkPhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(6)

                        ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("Address").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)

                        ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("City").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("State").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("Zip").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)

                        ElseIf sSegmentID = "DMG" Then
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("BirthDate").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                            oRsX095MemberDetail("GenderCode").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        End If  'sSegmentID

                    ElseIf sEntity = "70" Then  'LOOP 2100B - Incorrect insured
                        If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        ElseIf sSegmentID = "DMG" Then
                        End If  'sSegmentID

                    ElseIf sEntity = "31" Then  'LOOP 2100C - Post mailing address
                        'If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToFirstname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToLastname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToSSN").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(9)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToHomePhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToWorkPhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(6)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToAddress").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToCity").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToState").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("MailToZip").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        'End If

                    ElseIf sEntity = "ES" Then  'LOOP 2100D - Employer Name
                        'If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerFirstname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerLastname").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerSSN").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(9)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerHomePhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(4)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerWorkPhone").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(6)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerAddress").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)

                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerCity").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(1)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerState").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(2)
                        '    oRsX095MemberDetail("EmployerZip").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        'End If

                    ElseIf sEntity = "M8" Then  'LOOP 2100E - Educational Institution
                        'If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                        'End If

                    ElseIf sEntity = "S3" Then  'LOOP 2100F - Custodial Parent
                        'If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                        'End If

                    ElseIf sEntity = "E1" Or sEntity = "EI" Or sEntity = "GD" Or sEntity = "J6" Then   'LOOP 2100G - Guradian
                        'If sSegmentID = "NM1" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "PER" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N3" Then
                        'ElseIf sSegmentID = "N4" Then
                        'End If
                    End If  'sEntity

                ElseIf sLoopSection = "INS;HD" Then
                    If sSegmentID = "HD" Then
                        If Not oRsX095HealthCoverage.BOF Then
                        End If
                        oRsX095HealthCoverage("MemberKey").Value = oRsX095MemberDetail("MemberKey").Value

                        sEntity = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                        If sEntity = "HLT" Then
                            oRsX095HealthCoverage("InsuranceCode").Value = "Health"
                        ElseIf sEntity = "DEN" Then
                            oRsX095HealthCoverage("InsuranceCode").Value = "Dental"
                        ElseIf sEntity = "VIS" Then
                            oRsX095HealthCoverage("InsuranceCode").Value = "Vision"
                        End If

                    ElseIf sSegmentID = "DTP" Then
                        oRsX095HealthCoverage("BenefitBeginDate").Value = oSegment.DataElementValue(3)
                    End If  'sSegmentID

                End If  'sLoopSection

            ElseIf nArea = "3" Then

            End If  'nArea

            'get next segment
            ediDataSegment.Set(oSegment, oSegment.Next)     'oSegment = oSegment.Next

        End While

        Me.Cursor = Cursors.Default

    End Sub

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