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Framework EDI with .NET

Framework EDI (version 5.2 and later) includes .NET components to support .NET EDI applications development.  Although, you can still use the FREDI COM component in a .NET client by using the interop.dll, we do not recommend this method because the interop.dll can become a bottleneck that could impede performance specially when processing larger EDI files.

For those already familiar with the FREDI COM, you will find few and subtle syntactical changes with the FREDI .NET component, but we recommend the following changes listed in the link below because they improve performance.


Below are sample VB.NET programs using FREDI-NET.  (Please note how objects are assigned and disposed).


Please note that Framework EDI 5.2 is a .NET hybrid, which means its .NET component still requires the COM components.  Therefore, when programming in ASP.NET, you need to enable COM support by doing the following:

<%@ Page ASPCompat="true"%>


Also, when programming threading with the FREDI-NET component, you need to set the concurrency of the thread apartment as single threaded.  Example in VB .NET, do the following:

t.ApartmentState = Threading.ApartmentState.STA


    Click here to evaluate the Framework EDI     


The example programs provided in this article are for illustration only and have no purpose other than to show software developers how to use the Framework EDI component in programming languages to process EDI files.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: